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Lose Fat Build Muscle - Why The Bathroom Scales Tell Lies!

Started by Pottenger Gillian in Announcements Jul 31, 2017. 0 Replies

Have you tried to learn about the advantages of the acai? Well, if you are certain about the health rewards of acai berry, you need to try and understand that losing weight with acai supplement is…Continue

Some Useful Tips For Weight Loss

Started by Pottenger Gillian in Announcements Jul 31, 2017. 0 Replies

Fat loss exercises are must inside your attempt shed some fat and to get in shape. No diet currently will help you to achieve your ideal weight or shape unless you also follow a great workout work…Continue

The Best Face Cream - You Should Consider On Your Situation

Started by Milles Liz in Announcements Jul 7, 2017. 0 Replies

It is time to think of brand new spring skin care. This is always an exciting time in your life, shopping and also new make-up together with with good skincare. Probably the most incredible thing is…Continue

Skin Care Regimen Brain Your Face Young, Beautiful And And Wrinkle Free

Started by Milles Liz in Announcements Jul 7, 2017. 0 Replies

Petrolatum is among the many reasons that skin firming creams are faulty very well, whenever. Petroleum jelly is spin off by product of crude acrylic. It originally felt good to the oil field workers…Continue

Gain Weight And Build Muscle Fast - An Easy Strategy To Pack On The Beef

Started by Hackett Mark in Announcements Mar 27, 2017. 0 Replies

Are you doing anything you can eliminate weight, but it seems as if no challenege show up it is you do, a person keep running in circles and never getting requires you hoped for? Okay my friend, keep…Continue

Eat A Good Breakfast Acquire Lean Muscle Fast

Started by Hackett Mark in Announcements Mar 27, 2017. 0 Replies

The factor to this real question is a disappointing "No". No food item can actually "burn fat" contrary intercourse is a popular accident claims. Then why refer to them as fat burning foods? Because,…Continue

Vote 4 More Years

Started by JUMP-START-ENTERTAINMENTS in Announcements Aug 31, 2012. 0 Replies

Hope is comingyou can vote to re-elect our president for a second term if you wish to change the lifestyle of…Continue

Hope is coming

Started by JUMP-START-ENTERTAINMENTS in Announcements Aug 31, 2012. 0 Replies

you can vote to re-elect our president for a second term if you wish the change the lifestyle of our American people. Vote for 4 more our President Barack Obama and hope is coming.FDContinue


Started by Doris Anne Beaulieu in Obama Campaign Stuff Feb 17, 2010. 0 Replies

Dear Debater,Could you be so kind as to enter this question for debate?ResolvedTHAT THOSE WHO RECEIVE STATE (TAX PAYER) SUBSIDIZED FUNDS BE REQUIRED TO MAKE THEIR CHILDREN AVAILABLE FOR STATE…Continue

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Health Care Reform

Started by Donniel Aponte' in Announcements Jan 28, 2010. 0 Replies

Its really simple. Did everyone see Al Gores Movie!! His kid gets Hit by a car and gets a hospital room that looked like a suite in Casablanca. We should all get the same Medical and Dental program…Continue





Finalists in Song Competition Announced

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Obama Merchandise

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And now, for a few notes.....

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OMAE on Liberal Arts Radio

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Black Steel Rose
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Brent Turner
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Bryan Austin
Bulgarian Virtuosi
Caleb Johnson
Candice Ringgold
Carol Knisely
Carol Patterson
Cathy Block
Cherish Alexander
Chloe Temtchine
Chris Pritchard
Chris Sand
Chrissy Lawless
Christopher Kaufman
Clara Pascal
Coco Tea
Colie Brice
Daniel Work
Daria Musk
Dave Young
David Ensor
David Lertzman, PhD
David Lindberg
David Redic
David Wilcox
De Papa Rass C Band
DeAnna Dawn
Debbie Fischer
Debby Holiday
Deborah Webbe
Debra Gussin
Diana Bracy
Don Grady
Donniel Aponte'
Donny B. Lord
Doris Anne Beaulieu
Doug Kwartler
Dukes of DaVille
Dylan Alexander Price
Eddie Martin
Eric Hausmann
Evan Felts
Fradel Delgarde
Francis Jocky
Freddy Clarke
Freddy Woodragon
Fula Flute
Gato Blanco
Gerald Alston
George Hunter
Gregg Chadwick
Hakim Bellamy
Hannah Reimann
Harrison Pfingsten
Heather Hutton
Heather Koelle
Heather Morris
High Street Music Co.
Higher Than Pope
JFC Reggae Band
Jason Luckett
Jeannine Haffner
Jeff Wiens
Jennie Walker
Jerome Andre
John Banerian
John Hay
John Lord
John P. Kee
Joseph Sofia
Joshua Generation Choir
Juice Alini
Julie Quick-Alcorn
Jump Start Entertainment
Justine Bennett
K. Chandler
K-Dean LeSean
Kai Shanti
Kalin Ivanov
Karen Benzer
Kari Sealund
Kathy Morawski
Kathy Sawada
Kelly Cowan
Kendall Walker
Kenny Lee
Lady D
Latosha Brock
Lee Durley
Leon-Forrest Caulkins
Levi Kreis
Linda Hansen
Lonzo Franklin
Lori Glori
Lori Lippitz
Lynn Harbough
Louis Reiger
MA Performing Arts Group
Maddy Wyatt
Maital Guttman
Manze Dayila
Marc Black
Marc Johnson
Maria Tufts
Mark Allen
Mark Sutton
Maysa Leak
Melida Skeete-Smith
Michael Cuffe
Michael Deneau
Michael Fox
Mot Rats
NBT Muzic
New York Empire Trio
Nick Olivo
Nicole LeFavour
Omarr Lee
Onyay Pheori
Paul Carlsen
Pearlie Taylor
Phil Flowers
Rachelle Cano
Randall Crosby
Randall Williams
Red Sea Station
Renard Poche
Richard May
Richard Moloney
Robert Coberly
Ron Berg
Ronnie Khan
S.A. Griffin
Sal LaRoche
Semyon Kobialka
Seth Austen
Shan Egan Evans
Shannon Marie
Shannon Reilley
Sharon Parker
Sicerie Brooks
Sky Nelson
Stephanie Phillips
Stephen Andrew Barry
Steve Sulkin
Sue Shields
Susan Gaide
Sylvain Leroux
Tamarah Lishawn Davis
The Golden Bloom
The J's
The Mighty Hannibal
The People's Party
The Poetry Man
Theresa Starkes
Thomas Easaw
Tipsy McStager
Tony B. Conscious
Tony Low
Travis Milner
Tuesday Conner
Uncle Nate
Urban Mystic
Valery Lyman
Vans Johnson
Volora Howell
Will Galison
Wobbly World
Wolfgang Baron Von Hildebrandt

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